A Morning with Diana Jean

We've been in and out at Sodapop for the last few months. So enjoy this interview and dreamy self-shot selfie series of Diana Jean.

Don or the Hil?

I had to think about this for a minute before I realized the question was Donald Trump or Hillary.  Obviously Hillary. I don't like either of them, but Hillary isn't outwardly a xenophobic, chauvinistic, racist.  Hillary isn't threatening to take away my health care, has never been accused of raping someone, isn't going to deport my immigrant friends, doesn't want to take away my right to an abortion, and supports gay marriage. 

Tell us a secret?

I don't like secrets. I think the only way to overcome fear and hate is, to be honest with yourself and others.  Something most people don't know about me, though, is, I grew up Christian - like, church three days a week Christian.  This is part of the reason I find honesty so important.  The hypocrisy and lies I faced as a youth is still with me today. 

How are you feeling today?

I'm pretty good.  I picked up my cat in a cat fight a week and a half ago and my wrist is a bit sore still (I had to get stitches), but I had eggs Benedict for breakfast, so all is well with the world. 

Should nudity be an issue in America?

Nudity should not be an issue anywhere.  Naked is our most honest form; in the nude we are without pretext.  Our culture seems to have confused nudity and sex, that the former equals the latter.  A nude person is simply confident enough to be their most honest physical self. 

Favorite movie?

Hackers or LOTR

Have you read any books lately?

The last book I read was "The New Jim Crow," which I highly recommend.  The abolition of slavery was not the end of owning people. 

Anything you want to say?

That if you're interested in modeling you should go for it.  Every freelance model is unique and brings something new to the industry.  Having the confidence to be yourself is all you need.  

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