Sodapop Magazine asked Mia to do a selfie series. The following is what we got from her.

1. Is there a particular song on repeat?

I'm still in love with 'Acting Like' by Tory Lanez, one of my daily songs for over a year now!


2. How is the month going for you? 

This month has been pretty crazy, but I'm getting my head down and working hard. It's my birthday and a holiday to Rhodes at the end of the month so going to enjoy the break!


3. What's on the horizon for you?

I'm planning my next paintings at the moment and getting back into DJing


4. Clothing or Nudity?

It's nice leaving a little something to the imagination.


5. How will this world end?

Mobiles will finally take over the planet and the radiation will create a massive explosion which turns into a black hole.

6. Anything you want to say?

I hope the above doesn't happen, but just in case it might. I make sure, I have days without my phone to get back to reality and enjoy the moment.

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