Sodapop Magazine exclusive:

Formerly, known as Vera Flash. VIRA recently moved to Los Angeles from New York. Learn a little bit about the straight forward no nonsense character of VIRA and enjoy her latest music video Last Ride. 




Do you live in America?

I do.

How is it there these days?

Pretty much as expected, life seems like an Instagram filter.  A lot of caring about one trending tragedy for one day and then forgetting it the next.  But on the other side of that, I feel this need from not only artists but from everyone to find a purpose, to express that purpose.  I just moved from NYC to LA and it feels like people here live in the present and really want to connect with other people.  Since Trump was elected, I notice everyone makes more genuine eye contact, friends, strangers, like searching for realness. I don't know, maybe we're subconsciously looking for our allies...

We checked out your video for "Last Ride" can you explain what that song means to you?

Yeah, Last Ride came to me when I was thinking about a kid I knew who died in a motorcycle accident.  The edge of freedom and recklessness.  So at first, it was about that, but then I also feel like being an artist you live a rogue life.  You're lawless, and you answer to no one but it can also be a bit isolating.   



What was the last movie you watched?

I've never really been into movies but, I am currently watching Orphan Black which is addicting.

What is on repeat, right now for you?

Different moods for different things.  When I'm running its Yellow Claw "Los Amsterdam".  Still on the Post Malone tip. I really fuck with Esben and the Witch.  My taste is all over the place.  It feeds my songwriting. 



Can we expect a release soon? 

YES! I'm putting out a few singles this spring and summer.  I also shot a video for my single "Pretty" which is directed by Ethan Lader. He does awesome stuff like  the Wiz Khalifa "We Dem Boys" video. I'm really excited for that to come out.  "Pretty" is also getting remixed by a dope'll just have to follow me @viramusicofficial to find out who!

Do you have any upcoming performances?

Right now I'm in rehearsal.  I'm booking for the summer so I'll definitely be playing in LA soon. Just me and a keyboard player.  I love stripping down my songs so they can speak for themselves.

What will end the world?

Well, clearly technology is expanding exponentially. Think of the drastic change in technology since we were kids, VCRS, real answering machines?  But we as humans are not evolving as rapidly.  Evolutionarily, we're still exactly the same as we were 20, 30, even 1000 years ago.  We grapple with the same human emotions, lust, greed, etc, and we're still living with a hunter-gatherer mentally of flight or fight, survival.  We constantly fear death even though the majority of us are essentially safe.  I think we have some serious leveling up to do spiritually to balance out where we are with technology.  Imagine if we could self-monitor emotion, cravings, neural activity through mindfulness and self-mastery.  If we don't somehow acquire neo-human status without technology, I really don't foresee the future of our world to be very balanced. 

Check out Vira's video for "Last Ride" and follow her on Instagram @viramusicofficial