Omotola (Revisited)


Sodapop first met Omotola in Fresno, California a couple years back.  We were mesmerized by her hit Ben Goes To Hollywood that was done under the moniker of OMO.  She later released a fantastic video under the moniker of Lou Umbre for Ben Goes To Hollywood.   Then things went quiet and she has reappeared in Silver Lake, Los Angeles.  She is now embracing her given name and released a new song titled Holy Fire.  Check out her interview with Sodapop!

How are you doing today?
I'm doing well.


Where are you currently residing?
I live in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. I never knew this place existed until four or so years ago. After I first saw it, I knew I wanted to live here. Two years later, here I am.

How is Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a wheel that keeps spinning.

How is Trump's America?

That's hard to hear. I'll get back to you. That's going to take years of research and analysis on the human psyche. All I say for now is I believe in liberty and justice for ALL.

How was that big festival you played in Fresno?

Grizzly fest was fun. I've never seen so many people gather together in Fresno at once. I was lucky enough to have people put in hours and perform with me from Los Angeles and San Diego. My outfit made the front page of the local newspaper's article. I don't know if anyone reporting actually even heard my set, but it definitely helps to be the only performer in a sparkly outfit.

What can we expect from you in the next few months?

The fun part is: I could be anywhere. Realistically? You can find me in Los Angeles in the middle of an album. You know, it's pretty incredible to have continued this far without releasing much of anything. I have a list of people I have to thank for that. This is the year I'll present a proper collection of songs. Finally.

How will the world end?

However it goes, I'm sure corporate America will have a say.

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