Review of Isaacjacuzzi's A Dream from the Tropics

Review based off 2017 release of A Dream from the Tropics follow up review coming soon.

Comparisons are not fair.  So I will only slightly refer to the artist that says, “Yolo” by saying “Yolo.”  The reason for it is to provide a setup for Isaacjacuzzi. By the time Thank Me Later was released, Yolo already had a slew of mixtapes and guest appearances readily available to his fans.  Thank Me Later was only the icing on the cake. Fast forward to 2017 and Issacjacuzzi is 17 and has just released an album that is catchy, truthful, and the whole cake. It’s the kind of work you would expect from a seasoned veteran. You could easily find any single one of these tracks in a club on a night out. Although Isaacjacuzzi is tackling somewhat juvenile and at times trivial issues, from a 30-year-old's perspective, I can still relate to his problems. This is youth culture, and I am not jealous because he is young, passionate, and navigating the murky waters of casual sex and love.

The first track, "We on it,” deals with a girl that apparently sleeps with him and leaves him by morning. Although he takes advantage of the situation by saying, “I beat it up like rocky.” On the third track, "Break from Recording,” you find him begging a girl for her time because he spends his time recording.  "She think I got hoes. And money and shows, but that's all for show” is a truthful statement. He then reveals his reality even further, “You know I got bills to pay. I’m tryna get moms a Mercedes to whip around all my fam”. It shows his vulnerability and naivety to the reality of the world. His perspective is skewed and childish, but it’s his reality.  This is further exacerbated on his insanely catchy fifth track, Tesla, where he spends most of his time asking for a Tesla so he can show off. The track is so catchy it undermines the laughable “Hannah Montana” by Migos concerning catchiness.  You will find yourself saying, “I want that Tesla, I want that Tesla.” My friends and I spent a day taking Ubers in Hong Kong just to ride in a Tesla. We played the track in the car much to the intrigue of the Uber driver.  He likes his Tesla, but says that the post buyer support availability is crappy. I could see the children of the 1% joy riding to this song.  I would, and I did.

A Dream from the Tropics is a thoughtful love letter to youth culture. He does spend most of the album being a hopeless romantic while trying to be to cool about the situation by masking the pain with drugs, Netflix, and consumerism. The record begs a listen. It is cohesive and fluid and at a run time of 22 minutes, there is nothing to hate or dislike. He gives you a cake that you want to finish. He’s writing music you are going to be dancing to this weekend. So while sometimes artists first albums are passé by the time they are released, Isaacjacuzzi is relevant right now. I see a future where electric cars are the norm and Tesla sells an Isaacjacuzzi Tesla trim. Too bad that will not make his love life any easier.

8 out of 10

Fantastic debut for @Isaacjacuzzi

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