Roe Hummin

Photo by:  9000_frames

Photo by: 9000_frames



Roe Hummin hails from Houston, Texas and is a beautifully versatile engaging artist that is seriously underappreciated.  She can be heard singing across a gorgeous electronic landscape in her first outing Heroeic under the moniker of Roeh in 2015. These days she is doing work with the likes of Devin The Dude and preparing to release an album this year. We caught up with Roe Hummin and asked her some questions.

Where are you currently making music?

In Houston, TX. 

Does the area influence your sound?

Yes. This is where I was born and raised and the culture is very rich here in Houston. It is a very innovative place, so everything from the music, the people, and the food here influence me. 

Can you describe America in 3 words? 

Conspiracy, Unfair, Strategic

Tell us a random fact about you?

I hate cotton balls! I can’t touch them, see them, or hear them. 

Anything you wanna say?

The music in me is not only healing me, but it saved my life. And that’s exactly what I intend on it doing for the people, animals, beings, and energies that hear it.


June 16th, at the Loudfest Music Festival in Houston, TX, she will be performing songs from her upcoming album.


Devin The Dude - I'm in the Galaxy ft Roe Hummin


Roe Hummin