Real Dom is Visceral

"A sweaty pop dance troupe, made for raising fists of bravery and furious joy against anyone who would ever stop you from fucking every day of your life. We Live The Weird Life. Sweat Power is Our Religion. The Sandwich Eatin Crew (S!E!C!) is our Family." That is the mission statement/bio for Real Dom a.k.a. Little Ruckus a.k.a. whatever fucking happy moment you want him to be. 2016 has been a dismal year for music so far and stuff like Bloc Party's new release isn't cutting it. The sad sounds of Daughter make me depressed. Everything is just being done so lazily this year. Luckily, I have Real Dom who, for all intensive purposes, is 2016's musical messiah. He's Richard Simmons a la Lady Gaga, living in a world that James Tamborello would totally fetishize. Hailing from Iowa, he's an eccentric dancing being, a beautiful oddity in a state that actually isn't crazy because they made Trump lose the caucus and gave Bernie a fighting chance. Experience some Real Dom down below and you won't regret it.

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