Best Recognize: Week 1

I'll be doing a weekly post concerning the album I have on heavy rotation throughout the week. For the first week, it seems fitting to post one of my favorite albums ever recorded. The Cure's Pornography is dark. I mean, there's dark, then there's this album. Often considered to be the beginning of the Cure's 'trilogy', this album is a hallucinogen driven descent in to utter madness. A drum machine kicks off the opening track '100 Years', followed by Robert Smith wailing "It doesn't matter if we all dieā€¦", effectively setting the tone for the rest of the album. Every track on the album is a vital piece of the whole, making their fourth album full of vital Cure tracks. Now that the weather's getting colder, so should the music. 

I can't, in good conscience, suggest that you skip a single song on this album. But, if you're truly strapped for time and can choose only one song to get a feel for how the album is, check out 'The Hanging Garden'.