Dani oh so dreamy

1. When did you start modeling? 

I started my sophomore year of college; so 2011. I auditioned for America's Next Top Model and ended up making it to the third round of callbacks. I found that I like modeling on a freelance basis now. It gives me more room to be creative and make my own schedule. 

2. Favorite part of a photo shoot? 

I love playing dress up in a bunch of different clothes, even if I'm using my own wardrobe. I'm always surprised at the different combinations I can make. And I love outtake pictures! 

3. Favorite color? 

Purple all day. 

4. Clothes or no clothes?

The less clothes the better. Any guy I date is lucky. I live in lingerie.

5. Do you remember your last dream?  

I actually do remember a little bit of my last dream. I was dressed really fancy and was at a huge buffet. A lot of my dreams involve food. 

6. Anything you want to say? 

Modeling and being creative are things that really make me happy, but that definitely doesn't mean it's all been cheese and crackers. Never let the rough patches define your experience. Always let your confidence shine through. That's when the best people will be attracted to you. 

7. How can photographers contact?

I can be reached through Instagram @daniwestcoast

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