Cuddling with Stephanie Marazzo

We got the opportunity to ask Stephanie Marazzo a few questions and here what we got:

1. Do you like cuddling when you lie in bed?

God I love cuddling, I actually prefer to be the big spoon, I lay kind of on my stomach with an arm thrown over my guy's chest. And my top leg tucked up behind his knees, throw in a few kisses on his shoulder blades and I'm down for the count. Ridiculously comfortable.

2. What do you wear when you go to bed?

Typically, I sleep in shorts and an oversized t-shirt or tank top. I have two devil cats asleep on my bed at any given time so sleeping in partial clothing is a basic precautionary measure in the event of a full speed chase between the two at 5 in the morning.

3. What do you think you look sexiest in?

I'm kind of a casual sexy kind of girl. I think I look best with a little makeup, loose curls, and just a simple outfit or simple lingerie. The sexiest thing about my outfit should be that it's on me after all. 

4. Do you like wearing clothes?

I do. I enjoy putting a cute outfit together.

5. What is your favorite current show?

I'm enjoying Gotham, and I love Vikings. The shows I follow weekly are The Walking Dead and Faceoff on syfy which is a movie makeup competition.

6. Do you like mornings?

No no no. I sleep through most mornings.

7. Anything you would like to say?

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