Kelsey Selfies Herself

What have you been up to since you were last on Sodapop?

I've been behind the camera much more often, and creating my own photos. I've been having so much fun collaborating with people and brands here and there.


Did you like working with us?

I loved working with you guys! You create a great platform for different artists to meet and learn about each other.

What are you currently into?

I'm currently into late 60s-70s vibes lately. Whether it's art, music, or style. It's just so chilled out and freeing to me.


What do you wear to sleep?

Usually a band shirt or crop top with undies, if it isn't cold out.. And cute socks sometimes, I like cute socks.


Who are you voting for?

Haha, definitely not Trump! Major douche lord.


Anything you want to say?

Always keep the vibes and energy positive. Thank you for your time!

Instagram: kelsey.danielle

Twitter: ohhkelsey_