Kethy Selfies Herself

We asked the amazing Kethy W. to do a selfie series over a period of days and this is what we got. Enjoy.

What was the first feeling you had this morning?


I felt new. 


What are you wearing right now?


My StampdLA Men's plain white tee with the word "GODS" printed in black on the back. 


Are you warm?


Incredibly, always. 


How is everything going for you these days?


Busy busy busy but always in a good way. 


Dream weather?


Sunny and warm with cool breezes, not humid, just perfect. 


What have you been dreaming about lately?


Finishing school and working on large upcoming projects. Basically the taste of freedom!

Photo 2015-09-28, 11 34 33 AM.jpg


Anything you want to say?


Yes! Thank you for having me. x


Instagram: @kwngx