Nicole Selfies Herself

Do you like Elvis?

I do like Elvis Presely although he was not really part of my generation. "Love Me Tender" is my favorite song by him.  He was also quite sexy when he was younger!


How about Full House? 

I loved that show when I was really young, not so much anymore!


Coffee or tea?

Tea. I only drink green tea because its loaded with antioxidants and does wonders for my skin and body.  



Comedies or Horror flicks?

Comedies, I love to laugh! Horror movies just make me paranoid and then I end up sleeping with the lights on for a week.


Turn ons? 

Confident, athletic , artistic in some way, similar music taste, adventurous


Turn offs? 

Laziness, poor hygiene, no aspirations


What's on repeat?(Musical, people, food)

Sushi, Gym & The Weeknd’s Pandora station ( i don’t know if thats embarrassing or not )


Anything you want to say?

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference! 

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