Christian Rosales

Instagram:crisxar /thesixth.element


When did you start taking pictures? 

I've been into photography for about a year now, but it wasn't until 3 months ago that I started working with models.

How hard was it to start taking pictures? 

It wasn't hard at all, mainly because I was in a photography class in high school and a lot of my friends are photographers. 


Do you like working with models? 

Yes, being able to create art with beautiful, talented models is one thing I love.

Where are you from?

I am originally from Central America, but I was raised in the beautiful city of Los Angeles.

Favorite movie?

I am a car enthusiast so that would have to be The Fast the Furious: Tokyo drift.

Anything you want to say?

I want to give Sodapop Magazine a huge thank you for recognizing my work, I appreciate it deeply!