Nella selfies herself.........

We asked Nella @nelladeebee if she had some time for us this week and to our delight this is what happened.


1. First thought when you wake up in the morning?

My first thought in the morning is to check Instagram and figure out what I want to eat for breakfast. 

2. Are you a coffee drinker? 

Yes completely! I cannot begin my day without coffee. I love to explore different varieties and flavors. I admit I have my simple days. I am a Gold member at Starbucks and go almost every other day. Guilty. haha.

3. What would be a perfect wake up call for you?

A perfect wake up call would be someone I love and adore waking me with "Fantasy" by Alina Baraz in the background. I'm a hopeless romantic. And hey, a girl can dream.

4. Do you sleep easily? 

I'm such a night owl, so sometimes I need a cup of hot camomile tea to get me to sleep soundly. Or even a midnight skate sesh to clear my head.

5. What do you wear to sleep?
I wear my boy shorts or American apparel pj shorts with an over sized shirt. Sometimes a hoodie if I need to be extra cozy.

6. Anything you want to say?
Never let the negative vibes fuel you. Let your heart and soul be your motivation and drive. Believe in happiness in its purest form, and you will live so greatly. :)